About Me

I am a university professor and a published author and writer. My books include: 52 Things to Do on Sabbath, four books in the Shoebox Kids children’s series, three collections of short stories, the Christian suspense books If Tomorrow Comes, and The Champion Trilogy, a Biblical novel on Jonathan entitled Chosen, the Foundation series written with Celeste Perrino Walker which includes Salome’s Charger and The Key of Solomon, the new Eden Chronicles series which starts with Tesla’s Ghost, science fiction novels The Kiss of Night and Infinity’s Reach and the steampunk novel Tom Horn vs. the Warlords of Krupp. In nonfiction, I have the story of my son’s traumatic brain injury and subsequent recovery in Not My Son, Lord, and my recent release dealing with the psychology of writing entitled Write Thinking. Beyond writing, my interests are Jesus, my wife and family, kayaking, the Oakland Raiders, computer games, reading, and fixing things around the house.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i just read you letter about Dads way of telling you to look things up, do you remember him teaching you to read at 3? He would show you a word give you a pencil and the newspaper and tell you to underline the word where ever you saw it, and then he would pull you up into his lap and you would go over it.

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