Review: “The Black Company” by Glen Cook

The Black Company by Glen Cook. Tor Essentials. 274 pages. I first came upon this book when I was looking for the sequel to The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes. As I have mentioned many times here before, I loves me some military science fiction. And the review on Amazon said, well if you like … More Review: “The Black Company” by Glen Cook

Review: “Heaven’s Hunter” by Marie Keiser

Heaven’s Hunter by Marie Keiser. Independently Published. 233 pages. Heaven’s Hunter continues the series of books I am reading and reviewing from the thread on Goodreads written by fellow Christian speculative fiction authors. I’m pleased to say that for the most part, they have been well written and thought provoking. Marie Keiser’s book is not … More Review: “Heaven’s Hunter” by Marie Keiser

Review: “A Weight of Reckoning” by C.S. Wachter

A Weight of Reckoning: Sequel to the Seven Words by C.S. Wachter. Shadowfall Publishing. 402 pages. As I’ve mentioned several times before in this blog, I’m a member of a thread on Goodreads where authors of Christian Speculative Fiction share their work with each other. In addition to getting other professionals to read my work … More Review: “A Weight of Reckoning” by C.S. Wachter