Review: “Time Travelers Never Die” by Jack McDevitt

Time Travelers Never Die by Jack McDevitt. Penguin Group. 384 pages. I’m a fan of time-travel stories. Let me clarify that: I’m a fan of well-written time-travel stories. Time travel is one of those memes that sounds great and exciting but can lead you down either the rabbit hole of cliches such as “let’s kill … More Review: “Time Travelers Never Die” by Jack McDevitt

Short Story: “The Great Cantaloupe War”

Grand Marshall E. Pluribus Unum was bored. Bored and worried. He looked out through the picture window of his home overlooking the small country of Lilia and sighed. It had been five years since peace and independence had been declared. And not much had happened since then. Nothing but prosperity it seemed. Farmers had returned … More Short Story: “The Great Cantaloupe War”