Stuck? Consider the “Dora” Approach to Writing

Over the years, it’s my privilege to rub shoulders with many creative people that I have learned from. One of my recent colleagues was Kyle Portbury, filmmaker and scriptwriter who shares an Emmy win with me that we won a year ago today. One of the stories he tells is of a famous scriptwriter–whose name … More Stuck? Consider the “Dora” Approach to Writing

Hunting for Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Not the kind that kids look for on that spring holiday out on the lawn. I’m talking about the kind that you find in movies and books where authors and filmmakers include little clues for you to find. They’re fun, they’re free and they show that you’re paying … More Hunting for Easter Eggs

The Root of All Evil

People say that the Root of All Evil is the love of money. But I’ll wager that it’s just money, period. The fact that we need it, and most of us don’t have it. Right now, it’s pretty much running my life. And I’m sick of it. I’m not writing right now. Okay, I’ve admitted … More The Root of All Evil