Covers I Have Loved

To be perfectly honest, one doesn’t become a writer to be rich. And I haven’t disappointed myself. I made the transition from traditional publishing to indie publishing in the beginning of 2012 for a variety of reasons, one of them being the fact that I simply love the process of putting a book together. It’s … More Covers I Have Loved

News about #Free Stuff

Yeah, I put the pound sign in front of free, ‘cuz that’s what you’re supposed to do these days, right? But the reality is, sales are a little sluggish these days–not quite the holidays, and people are saving their pennies, you know how it is–so I decided to give some books away to stir the … More News about #Free Stuff

And…We’re Live!!!

This just in! Amazon now lists Salome’s Charger for preorder. I’ve been telling people that they won’t be able to see the cover for another couple of weeks, but apparently I was badly informed. If you go to our site, you will get to see our book and can even preorder it. Cool! I think … More And…We’re Live!!!