Review: “Understanding Islam” by Thomas W. Lippman

Understanding Islam: An Introduction to the Muslim World by Thomas W. Lippman. Plume Books. 198 pages. This isn’t my typical genre of book for reviewing, but I have a couple of reasons for including this particular book here. One, I am researching for my next book project, the sequel to The Serpent and the Dove, … More Review: “Understanding Islam” by Thomas W. Lippman

Review: “Sharpe’s Fury” by Bernard Cornwell

In between working on my own writing project and teaching university classes, sometimes I get a hankering for some good old fashioned military escapism. Sometimes it’s military sci-fi; other times it is historical. I talked Shelly into visiting the local library this past weekend and I came across Bernard Cornwell’s book, Sharpe’s Fury. I had … More Review: “Sharpe’s Fury” by Bernard Cornwell