A Red/Blue State of Mind

Yeah, I know. By this time, you’re sick and tired of all the political talk. Well, frankly so am I. I live in a red state (Texas) with a distinctly blue family (at least the ones under my roof). And sadly, even though the election is over (yay!), I suspect that Facebook and Twitter will … More A Red/Blue State of Mind

Brick By Brick

I’ve been asked what the hardest part of writing a novel is, and my answer tends to be directly related to how well my novel-building is going at the time. My dad used to have a saying: “Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.” Some books come together quickly … More Brick By Brick

Who Do We Need More: Leaders or Heroes?

Two weeks ago, our University Communication Department took its students on their annual Communication Field Trip in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This year, just for a change, we included two historical sites: the Sixth Floor Museum that commemorates the assassination of John F. Kennedy and his tenure as president, and the Holocaust Museum, which talks … More Who Do We Need More: Leaders or Heroes?

What About Honor?

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way to work this morning, and they were talking about the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs among Russian athletes in the Olympics and how reports showed that this was monitored and sanctioned by their anti-doping organization there. No surprises there, as there’s a common myth about … More What About Honor?

More Wag, Less Bark

I am getting more and more disillusioned with Facebook. It seems like every time I go on there, someone has an axe to grind, someone has to argue a point, someone wants to prove that they are right and everyone else is wrong. It just gets depressing. Somewhere we got the idea that argumentation was … More More Wag, Less Bark