Where do you bury the bodies?

NaNoWriMo is coming along swimmingly. So far, I’m ahead of schedule. I’m not killing myself off, both because I don’t have to and because I don’t want the quality of my writing to suffer (too much). But I wanted to take a moment to think about projects that didn’t make the cut. Sometimes you write … More Where do you bury the bodies?

A “Ghost” of a Chance

Tesla’s Ghost is now available on Amazon. Technically, the paperback’s been available for about a week, and the ebook’s been available for pre-order for about the same amount of time. But my book (#22 if you’re keeping count) is unencumbered by any constraints and is out there, for better or for worse, to purchase and … More A “Ghost” of a Chance

Upwrapping a New Cover

I’ve never been the kind who can keep a secret very well. Our usual Christmas routine is that Shelly tells me what she wants and I get it for her. OR, more likely, she says, “let me go pick it out,” and I agree. Boring, I know. Well, I’m sitting on a secret that’s driving … More Upwrapping a New Cover

It’s About The Fall of Adam and Eve. Or About the Antichrist. Or Maybe Neither of Them.

“The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing more good literature.” — C.S. Lewis The city of the future was made of glass and steel, and shone brilliantly in the night. It was surrounded by ribbons of light, a steady stream of vehicles shining in the night as … More It’s About The Fall of Adam and Eve. Or About the Antichrist. Or Maybe Neither of Them.

Almost There

Well, yesterday was a godsend. I got an incredible amount of writing done, and at the end of the day I found myself just three chapters away from having my first draft of Tesla’s Ghost completed. Of course, the way I write, I’ve saved the hardest chapters for last, but that’s probably to be expected. … More Almost There