From Vermont to Egypt: The Co-Authoring Adventure Continues

I just got to my office after spending the early morning (1) hacking out the first few words in my part of our new novel; and (2) struggling to understand how to make Scrivener work for two authors long distance. As I have mentioned here before, my next book is a co-authored project with Celeste … More From Vermont to Egypt: The Co-Authoring Adventure Continues

Organized? Me?

I had the opportunity to team teach a couple of classes in the past few years, one on scriptwriting and a second entitled “Christianity and Science Fiction.” Both of them were fun classes, a fun experience, and I hope to have the chance to do it again. One of the statements that my fellow teacher … More Organized? Me?

How To Co-write A Book

I’ll give you the short answer: I have no idea. I’ve been enticed with the idea of co-authoring a book for a long time. I’ve pursued my daughter, who is a good writer herself, to co-author something with me. But she’s been around me long enough to know that we wouldn’t get along as co-authors. … More How To Co-write A Book