Born Again

In writing, dead in never really dead. Stories that are written and rejected might be accepted somewhere else. Other stories that are never published turn up as material in other places and in many cases, other media, such as radio plays, screenplays or stageplays. And sometimes you are surprised. Years ago, at least 30 years … More Born Again

From Vermont to Egypt: The Co-Authoring Adventure Continues

I just got to my office after spending the early morning (1) hacking out the first few words in my part of our new novel; and (2) struggling to understand how to make Scrivener work for two authors long distance. As I have mentioned here before, my next book is a co-authored project with Celeste … More From Vermont to Egypt: The Co-Authoring Adventure Continues

Organized? Me?

I had the opportunity to team teach a couple of classes in the past few years, one on scriptwriting and a second entitled “Christianity and Science Fiction.” Both of them were fun classes, a fun experience, and I hope to have the chance to do it again. One of the statements that my fellow teacher … More Organized? Me?

How To Co-write A Book

I’ll give you the short answer: I have no idea. I’ve been enticed with the idea of co-authoring a book for a long time. I’ve pursued my daughter, who is a good writer herself, to co-author something with me. But she’s been around me long enough to know that we wouldn’t get along as co-authors. … More How To Co-write A Book