A Little Cake, A Little Humble Pie

I’m sitting here in my easy chair, nursing my wounds after a tree got back at me yesterday for cutting off one of its branches. I thought I had positioned myself safely, but when the branch broke free, it smacked me square in the face and broke my nose. I ended up going into the … More A Little Cake, A Little Humble Pie

The two biggest challenges for an established writer

Famous? No. Rich. Definitely not. Established? Check. If you’ve been writing a while, been around the block, had a few titles published under your byline, you get to the point where putting sentences together become, well, while I won’t say easy, I would say tolerable. Writing the blamed story isn’t your biggest challenge. You can … More The two biggest challenges for an established writer

I’m Burning Daylight

When last we left our plucky hero (me), we were finishing up chapter 11 (not the bankruptcy kind) of Tesla’s Ghost and looking forward to making hay while the sun didn’t shine. Alas, don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way of art? So here’s what happened: I was really productive the … More I’m Burning Daylight

When Nonfiction Becomes Fiction…and Vice Versa

I am the faculty sponsor of the Rough Writers, the student creative writing club here at Southwestern Adventist University. We’re pretty open and loose about what people can bring to the group to be critiqued, and inevitably there is at least one or two writers in the group whose favorite genre is fantasy. Many would-be … More When Nonfiction Becomes Fiction…and Vice Versa

Bringing Back the Swagger

“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” -Yogi Berra Football season is almost upon us, and I am fondly watching my own Oakland Raiders getting into training camp and getting ready for their first official game in September. This, I hope, will be the year that Oakland returns to the playoffs … More Bringing Back the Swagger

Beyond the Big Picture

One of the websites I’ve gotten quite fond of is quora.com. It’s simply a forum where people can ask questions or go and answer other people’s questions. I get asked a lot of questions about writing there, and get to ask professionals questions that help me in the writing of my books. Yesterday someone asked … More Beyond the Big Picture