Review: “Draig” by Anne C. Miles

Draig: Book 2 of the Call of the Lorica. 274 pages. Self-published. Once again, I get to introduce you to an author and a work introduced to me via the Goodreads thread devoted to Christian speculative fiction authors. We’ve had a lot of fun reading each others’ books over the past few months, and I … More Review: “Draig” by Anne C. Miles

Review: P.W. Stone and the Missing Kingdoms by S. C. Easley

P.W. Stone and the Missing Kingdoms: A Christian Fantasy Adventure Novel by S. C. Easley. Wind Born Publishing. 387 pages. This is the next to last in a series of speculative Christian books I am reviewing because of my contact with authors on Goodreads. I’ve had some good luck with the titles that I’ve read, … More Review: P.W. Stone and the Missing Kingdoms by S. C. Easley

Review: “Heaven’s Hunter” by Marie Keiser

Heaven’s Hunter by Marie Keiser. Independently Published. 233 pages. Heaven’s Hunter continues the series of books I am reading and reviewing from the thread on Goodreads written by fellow Christian speculative fiction authors. I’m pleased to say that for the most part, they have been well written and thought provoking. Marie Keiser’s book is not … More Review: “Heaven’s Hunter” by Marie Keiser

Review: “Rise of the Ranger” by Philip C. Quaintrell

Rise of the Ranger: The Echoes Saga: Book 1 by Philip C. Quaintrell. Quaintrell Publishings, Ltd. 538 pages. I picked this fantasy book up recently because (1) the cover looked professionally done and interesting; and (2) the book was free. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it looked promising, and I wasn’t disappointed. … More Review: “Rise of the Ranger” by Philip C. Quaintrell

Review: “Daclaxvia: Book 1: Nascent” by D. John Cliffson

Daclaxvia: Book 1: Nascent by D. John Cliffson. Self-published. 294 pages. As I have mentioned here before, I belong to a thread on Goodreads of Speculative Christian Fiction authors who trade books and end up reviewing and critiquing each other’s books every few months. I have two lined up in the next two months, and … More Review: “Daclaxvia: Book 1: Nascent” by D. John Cliffson

Hero Worship

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” –John 15:13 NIV I’ve come to the conclusion that the essence of a writer’s life is seeing how otherwise disparate elements in your life come together to make sense. We look for patterns that other people can’t see, and then … More Hero Worship

Short Story: “Paladin”

Sir Johnathan de Armes, first Captain of the White Guard, recipient of the Golden Medal for Valor, keeper of the second knights crown with double ivy clusters, and royal bodyguard to the Queen, sweated profusely in his bent, burned, and broken armor. He leaned heavily against the blackened stones on the walkway leading up to … More Short Story: “Paladin”

A Rose By Any Other Name

I’m back in the office. My summer is over with, voluntarily. I’m thinking that I could use the extra time to get ready for the class I’ll be teaching this fall, but I’m also hoping that the time in the office will force me to get back into writing Tesla’s Ghost. The other motivator came … More A Rose By Any Other Name

Review: “Containment” by Christian Cantrell

Containment by Christian Cantrell. 47 North. 297 pages. In Rough Writers, the student-led creative writing club at our University that meets every week, there’s an ongoing friction between the fantasy writers and those who are into science fiction. Often the discussion is about magic versus science, but really I think a lot of the conflict … More Review: “Containment” by Christian Cantrell