A Writer’s Life

What is the life of a writer like? First, the bad. You spend lots of lots of time alone. That’s absolutely necessary. You need time alone to write, and when you’re not writing you are reading. When you are not reading, you should be thinking, contemplating, observing. That’s hard for me, a naturally gregarious person. … More A Writer’s Life

Sacred Hours

I love it when I am obsessed with a story I’m writing. My wife? Not so much. I call it being in the zone. Obsession leads to loads and loads of productivity. My wife calls it being zombified. That’s the time when she can’t keep an adult conversation going with me because my mind is … More Sacred Hours

Covers I Have Loved

To be perfectly honest, one doesn’t become a writer to be rich. And I haven’t disappointed myself. I made the transition from traditional publishing to indie publishing in the beginning of 2012 for a variety of reasons, one of them being the fact that I simply love the process of putting a book together. It’s … More Covers I Have Loved