A Little Cake, A Little Humble Pie

I’m sitting here in my easy chair, nursing my wounds after a tree got back at me yesterday for cutting off one of its branches. I thought I had positioned myself safely, but when the branch broke free, it smacked me square in the face and broke my nose. I ended up going into the … More A Little Cake, A Little Humble Pie

In Search of Criticism

Don’t get me wrong. Criticism hurts. It probably hurts me more than most people. I have always had a need to seek approval from other people, to feel that people like me. But I also know that I will never improve as a writer unless I know where I make mistakes. After 40 years in … More In Search of Criticism

A Thousand Paths to NO

This weekend I finished reading a great little book called “A Curious Mind” by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman. It’s told from the perspective of Grazer, who is a well-known and successful producer associated with director Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment. He attributes all of his successes to the simple fact of being curious, and … More A Thousand Paths to NO

Affirmation vs. Propaganda: Mythology in Storytelling

After a dry spell of a couple of months, I finally got another review today on Amazon. Of course, the problem with reviews is that you can’t guarantee they will be good. The review was for my end time book, If Tomorrow Comes, and states simply, “The story would be interesting if it wasn’t basically … More Affirmation vs. Propaganda: Mythology in Storytelling

Positive Strokes

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I have said more than once that there are no guarantees in life. And that goes for writing as well. I told a fellow magazine editor one time while we were watching our first issue roll off the press: “Enjoy … More Positive Strokes

Give a Man a Fish

I have a young friend who sees himself as a writer of screenplays. He has education along those lines, with some of it coming from me. He’s currently working on a short film that he has high hopes for. I’ve read the script, and I also believe that it shows some promise. I’ve actually read … More Give a Man a Fish