News about #Free Stuff

Yeah, I put the pound sign in front of free, ‘cuz that’s what you’re supposed to do these days, right? But the reality is, sales are a little sluggish these days–not quite the holidays, and people are saving their pennies, you know how it is–so I decided to give some books away to stir the … More News about #Free Stuff

And Our Lucky Winner Is…

Glendala Whitewing is the winner of a complete autographed set of The Champion Trilogy, which completes what we are giving away here via our website for Sixty Days of Giveaways. We will be continuing giveaways next week–a $10 Amazon giveaway each day, Monday through Friday–via Reader’s Club announcements, but those will be announced privately. If … More And Our Lucky Winner Is…

Boy, Did You Miss Out!

In about one hour’s time, those who entered their names into the drawing in the past few weeks and were therefore considered one of those elite class members called my Reader’s Club will be the first Humans on Earth to see the new cover of Salome’s Charger. The rest of you will be able to … More Boy, Did You Miss Out!

Cover Reveal on Monday

Members of our Readers Club will be the first to see the new cover for Salome’s Charger on Monday, and you can too, simply by adding your name on the sidebar or header here. Joining the club will also get you into drawing we’ll be having later this month, and added discounts that are planned … More Cover Reveal on Monday