Does Your Story Have a Soul?

I have a colleague here in the English department at the university where I teach, and early on in my efforts at writing novels I passed several of my books in front of him. No more. One time, I passed the first chapter in front of him and then asked him what he thought of … More Does Your Story Have a Soul?

Something To Say

I had a journalism student–who shall remain nameless–quite a few years ago, who was a marginal student. He did just enough to get by. I found myself constantly having to push him to put enough effort into classes just to pass the class, and I worried about what his career would be like when he … More Something To Say

What Defines You?

One of the questions I traditionally give my Narrative Writing students goes like this: “How does your writing reflect who you are?” I give it to them at the beginning of the semester and tell them that it will be on their final exam. None so far have given me what I would consider a … More What Defines You?