Born Again

In writing, dead in never really dead. Stories that are written and rejected might be accepted somewhere else. Other stories that are never published turn up as material in other places and in many cases, other media, such as radio plays, screenplays or stageplays. And sometimes you are surprised. Years ago, at least 30 years … More Born Again

Review: “Journalism Today: A Themed History” by Chapman and Nuttall

Journalism Today: A Themed History by Jane L. Chapman and Nick Nuttall. Wiley-Blackwell. 338 pages. Unless you’re a journalism nut like I am or one of my sad students who will be getting this book as a final exam in a week, you will probably not be reading this book. To be honest, we dug … More Review: “Journalism Today: A Themed History” by Chapman and Nuttall

Review: “The Afghan Campaign” by Steven Pressfield

The Afghan Campaign: A Novel by Steven Pressfield. Broadway Books. 354 pages. I don’t know how many years it’s been since I read Gates of Fire, Steven Pressfield’s great book about Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. But that’s when I realized that Pressfield had a great talent for providing rich detail in telling … More Review: “The Afghan Campaign” by Steven Pressfield

Review: “Firestorm” by Taylor Anderson

Firestorm (Destroyermen Series) by Taylor Anderson. Roc Books. 464 pages. This isn’t actually alternate history, which should give my daughter some relief (since she’s both a history and English purist); it’s more like an alternate worlds story. But it’s the sixth book in this series by Taylor Anderson. The crux of the story is about … More Review: “Firestorm” by Taylor Anderson