In Search of Criticism

Don’t get me wrong. Criticism hurts. It probably hurts me more than most people. I have always had a need to seek approval from other people, to feel that people like me. But I also know that I will never improve as a writer unless I know where I make mistakes. After 40 years in … More In Search of Criticism

On the Cutting Room Floor

Tesla’s Ghost is currently in the editing phase. I’ve finished the first draft–rough draft, or crap draft if you will–and now I’m trying to make my new darling as presentable as possible. When you’re just beginning writing, you’re enamored simply by the fact that you were able to complete something. Hey, look at me; I … More On the Cutting Room Floor

Finished…for now

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on the last chapter of Tesla’s Ghost. The first draft is complete. Now the work begins. I’ve been down this road too many times to count, so I know that for all intents and purposes, the first draft is usually the fun part. Some people love the editing portion … More Finished…for now

Now Comes the Hard Part

Celeste and I officially completed the first draft of Salome’s ChargerĀ on Sunday. Yay! Woot! I find more joy and satisfaction out of the initial development of a story than anytime else. Well, let me correct that. I get more joy and satisfaction out of people reading my story than any other time. That, ladies and … More Now Comes the Hard Part