Sneak Preview from “The Last War”: The Faraday Gate

Here’s a peek at the project I am currently working on, the sequel to Tesla’s Ghost called The Last War. The scene here shows Dr. Reuben Zwick, head of Eden Technologies taking 19-year-old Brenda Saffold to meet insane professor Alois Truman and the aliens known as The Guardians three months after they have taken over. … More Sneak Preview from “The Last War”: The Faraday Gate

Hero Worship

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” –John 15:13 NIV I’ve come to the conclusion that the essence of a writer’s life is seeing how otherwise disparate elements in your life come together to make sense. We look for patterns that other people can’t see, and then … More Hero Worship

A “Ghost” of a Chance

Tesla’s Ghost is now available on Amazon. Technically, the paperback’s been available for about a week, and the ebook’s been available for pre-order for about the same amount of time. But my book (#22 if you’re keeping count) is unencumbered by any constraints and is out there, for better or for worse, to purchase and … More A “Ghost” of a Chance