There are no atheists in foxholes…or hospital waiting rooms

It’s two days before Christmas, my son’s birthday, and I am sitting in the waiting room of Harris Methodist Southwest in Fort Worth, Texas. My wife, Shelly, just left me to go to the surgical wing for a total knee replacement surgery that she’s been needing and anticipating for a long time. If all goes … More There are no atheists in foxholes…or hospital waiting rooms

Brain in a Bottle

Tonight’s TV will feature a new show entitled “Limitless” about a pill that allows the user to access 100 percent of the cells in their brain. It’s based on a movie by the same name that came out a few years ago. A couple of days ago on Facebook, there was a choice of a … More Brain in a Bottle

So Ugly That I’m Cute

At risk of going on and on about my  health issues, ad nauseum, I feel I need to explain why I haven’t been on more lately. Other than the usual excuses, such as work, I have had a fever blister that turned into something much worse. I got the original sore before Thanksgiving, and it … More So Ugly That I’m Cute