Review: “The Young World” by Chris Weitz

The Young World by Chris Weitz. Little, Brown and Company. 373 pages. I’ve learned–and I’ve tried to teach my students–that there are significant differences between writing movie scripts and writing books. One might think that if you’re good at writing one, you’ll probably be good at writing the other as well. It’s not necessarily the … More Review: “The Young World” by Chris Weitz

Introducing: “Soul Survivor” and Connie Simescu

Meet Connie Simescu. She’s fluent in nine languages, passable in nine more. She has a soft heart for the homeless, a wicked sense of humor, and a bad habit of getting into trouble. Connie survived an attempted kidnapping six weeks ago, thanks to her sister’s boyfriend and the grace of God. Now, despite her parents’ … More Introducing: “Soul Survivor” and Connie Simescu