Review: “The Heretic” by Joseph Nassise

The Heretic: A Supernatural Adventure Series (The Templar Chronicles Book 1) by Joseph Nassise. Harbinger Books. 262 pages. I’ll admit that the reason why I initially picked this book up to read it was that I wrote a book myself called The Heretic back a few years ago. And there are a few vague similarities … More Review: “The Heretic” by Joseph Nassise

Review: “Understanding Islam” by Thomas W. Lippman

Understanding Islam: An Introduction to the Muslim World by Thomas W. Lippman. Plume Books. 198 pages. This isn’t my typical genre of book for reviewing, but I have a couple of reasons for including this particular book here. One, I am researching for my next book project, the sequel to The Serpent and the Dove, … More Review: “Understanding Islam” by Thomas W. Lippman

What, Me Worry?

This is the second semester of my 21st year of teaching college level students. And believe it or not, after teaching 42 semesters of classes, I still get nervous when I think about my classes. Do I know what I am talking about? Am I prepared? Will the students see through the facade I put … More What, Me Worry?

Affirmation vs. Propaganda: Mythology in Storytelling

After a dry spell of a couple of months, I finally got another review today on Amazon. Of course, the problem with reviews is that you can’t guarantee they will be good. The review was for my end time book, If Tomorrow Comes, and states simply, “The story would be interesting if it wasn’t basically … More Affirmation vs. Propaganda: Mythology in Storytelling