Review: “The Prince” (Series) by Jerry Pournelle

Falkenberg’s Legion, 1990, Jerry Pournelle, Baen Books. Prince of Mercenaries: A Novel of Falkenberg’s Legion, 1989, Jerry Pournelle, Baen Books. Go Tell The Spartans: A Novel of Falkenberg’s Legion, 1991, Jerry Pournelle, S.M. Stirling. Prince of Sparta: A Novel of Falkenberg’s Legion, 1993, Jerry Pournelle, S.M. Stirling, Baen Books. Once again, I am going to … More Review: “The Prince” (Series) by Jerry Pournelle

A Lover’s Challenge

I was in love. I might have thought I had been in love before, but I really hadn’t know what love was until I met Shelly. She was my world, my future, and everything I thought about. I asked Robert, my college roommate and best friend, what he thought about her. “She’s great…I guess,” he … More A Lover’s Challenge

Poem: “Caribou”

I started off writing poetry a long time ago, and once in a blue moon something strikes me that calls for a poem. Poetry is good for stirring up our descriptive abilities, so there’s that. Anyway, this comes from a dream I had about a month ago. Enjoy. CARIBOU   White snow, white fog, white … More Poem: “Caribou”

Review: “Time Travelers Never Die” by Jack McDevitt

Time Travelers Never Die by Jack McDevitt. Penguin Group. 384 pages. I’m a fan of time-travel stories. Let me clarify that: I’m a fan of well-written time-travel stories. Time travel is one of those memes that sounds great and exciting but can lead you down either the rabbit hole of cliches such as “let’s kill … More Review: “Time Travelers Never Die” by Jack McDevitt