A Writer’s Life

What is the life of a writer like? First, the bad. You spend lots of lots of time alone. That’s absolutely necessary. You need time alone to write, and when you’re not writing you are reading. When you are not reading, you should be thinking, contemplating, observing. That’s hard for me, a naturally gregarious person. … More A Writer’s Life

Are You Awesome?

Do you know what “awe” is? I mean, well beyond a dictionary definition of the word. Have you ever been awed? I have had times in my life when awe has overcome me, and they are moments I will always remember. Such as walking into St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna with the pipe organ playing, … More Are You Awesome?

Ten Thousand Tweets

I just crossed a milestone, of sorts, this morning. I posted my ten thousandth Tweet on Twitter. This isn’t a blog to congratulate myself. Instead, it’s a moment to take stock of what all that means. Statistically, I joined Twitter in November 2008. Since that time I have attracted 26,300 followers and added 111 photos … More Ten Thousand Tweets