Review: “Containment” by Christian Cantrell

Containment by Christian Cantrell. 47 North. 297 pages. In Rough Writers, the student-led creative writing club at our University that meets every week, there’s an ongoing friction between the fantasy writers and those who are into science fiction. Often the discussion is about magic versus science, but really I think a lot of the conflict … More Review: “Containment” by Christian Cantrell

“Tesla’s Ghost”

The following are the first few pages on my writing project that is still currently without a name. People have been asking about it, so I am sharing it with you here. Be aware that the storyline doesn’t stay in the time of Nikola Tesla, although he plays a significant part. Enjoy.   AUGUST, 1892 … More “Tesla’s Ghost”

Review: “Tesla: Master of Lightning” by Cheney and Uth

Tesla: Master of Lightning by Margaret Cheney and Robert Uth. 184 pages. Metro Books. I’m stuck in the preparatory part of writing a book when you’re still gathering intel, still absorbing ideas and piecing together bits of inspiration that you hope will one day turn into something worthwhile. And while my story is, in the … More Review: “Tesla: Master of Lightning” by Cheney and Uth