Short Story: “Paladin”

Sir Johnathan de Armes, first Captain of the White Guard, recipient of the Golden Medal for Valor, keeper of the second knights crown with double ivy clusters, and royal bodyguard to the Queen, sweated profusely in his bent, burned, and broken armor. He leaned heavily against the blackened stones on the walkway leading up to … More Short Story: “Paladin”

When Nonfiction Becomes Fiction…and Vice Versa

I am the faculty sponsor of the Rough Writers, the student creative writing club here at Southwestern Adventist University. We’re pretty open and loose about what people can bring to the group to be critiqued, and inevitably there is at least one or two writers in the group whose favorite genre is fantasy. Many would-be … More When Nonfiction Becomes Fiction…and Vice Versa


The only time I’ve ever gone in for counseling was when my father was dying for cancer. Half a dozen trips to the psychologist, and I realized that the best therapy was simply writing about it. I started writing short stories as therapy and starting getting them published as a side benefit. But what do … More Therapy

“Tesla’s Ghost”

The following are the first few pages on my writing project that is still currently without a name. People have been asking about it, so I am sharing it with you here. Be aware that the storyline doesn’t stay in the time of Nikola Tesla, although he plays a significant part. Enjoy.   AUGUST, 1892 … More “Tesla’s Ghost”


While Celeste and I finish up our current project entitled Salome’s Charger, I am dabbling with a universe I am in the process of creating for my next book, Deal with the Devil. As with a lot of my books, it skirts the boundary between science fiction and Christian suspense. What I have here isn’t … More “E.L.I.”

“Father of the World”

“OK, it’s obvious to everyone why I’ve called you here,” Number One said to the others. “It’s an ugly issue, but it needs to be resolved.” He scratched his nose self-consciously, and stared at the ceiling of the conference room. “Ugly is the word,” said Number Six, her voice as shrill as ever. She sat … More “Father of the World”