One of a Kind

I watched an interview with Octavia Spencer on Late Night with Steven Colbert a couple of nights ago. She plays the leader of the Amity faction in the new film Allegiant, the last segment in the Divergent series. Colbert asked her about her many acting roles over the years and the number of times she … More One of a Kind

Being, Doing, or Having Done? What’s Your Writing Motivation?

“I hate writing, I love having written.” –Dorothy Parker It’s been crunch time for me, well, for probably most of the semester. For some odd reason the onslaught doesn’t seem to let up. And when real life responsibilities seem to get overwhelming, I start dreaming about writing. I long to be working on a novel, … More Being, Doing, or Having Done? What’s Your Writing Motivation?

Crunch Time

I’m sitting–actually standing–in my Writing for Publication class while they sweat out their final project. They are required to self publish somethingĀ on Smashwords before their final exam next Tuesday. I’ve been warning them of it all semester, but now they’ve run out of time and out of excuses. I’ve told them the project is pass/fail. … More Crunch Time

What Readers Want

This September will mark the eighth year that we have had a student-led creative writing club on the campus of my university. The Rough Writers have become a home for many would-be writers who never had the courage to share what they have written, or to dream of writing something in a genre they enjoy. … More What Readers Want

Writing Is Easy….

One of the most annoying things I say in my writing classes–and believe me, there are many–is this statement: “Writing is easy. All you have to know is where to start, where to stop, and what to include in the middle.” My students don’t seem to like my simplistic answer, and I am currently becoming … More Writing Is Easy….

Letting Go

It’s been all of five days since I introduced my new book Chosen to the world. It’s been a long time coming, just a dream for most of that time, and now it is reality. I’m eager for you and the rest of the world to read this book, because I think it’s one of … More Letting Go