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Here are some of my books currently available on Amazon and at other online retailers:

Soul Survivor (Heretics Series #1)

Meet Connie Simescu. She’s fluent in nine languages, passable in nine more. She has a soft heart for the homeless, a wicked sense of humor, and a bad habit of getting into trouble. Connie survived an attempted kidnapping six weeks ago, thanks to her sister’s boyfriend and the grace of God. Now, despite her parents’ wishes, she’s returning to college at the University of Texas in Austin, intent on finding God and becoming a reporter.What she doesn’t know is that the reclusive billionaire behind her kidnapping is still around, intent on revenge. And what does the appearance of the “terrorist” organization called The Heretics have to do with her? Before she’s done, she’ll win and lose (and win) a boyfriend, rescue homeless from a burning building, get caught up in a bar fight, help a so-called terrorist escape from a hospital, save a floundering newspaper, and write a 10-page essay on comparative religion. And if she’s lucky, she’ll meet God in the process.It’ll make for an interesting story, if she lives long enough to tell it.

SAD-ebookThe Serpent and the Dove (Heretics Series #2)

When Pastor Harris Borden warns the coalition of Christian leaders in Salzburg, Austria, that the plan to take the Heretics organization international might lead to powerful kickback from those who oppose them, it doesn’t take long for his words to be proven true. Death and destruction strikes quickly, and with it, the Heretics are once again on the run. Now the opposition is led by a strange Brit named Veritas with a powerful influence over everyone he speaks to. And rookie Heretic Connie Simescu is, of course, caught in the middle of all of this craziness, as well as trying to be a dutiful daughter and a responsible college student. Christianity was simpler when people weren’t shooting at you. But that would be too easy. That’s not the Heretics way, is it?

To the Last Man

“If we believe God is with us, nothing can stop us. Are you with me?” Ziba looked long and hard at his companion, but he already knew the answer. “Jonathan, a long time ago, I committed my fate to yours. I am with you heart and soul. If we die here, so be it, but let’s do it together.” Jonathan took the lead in their climb up the cliff in the dark. Ziba was in no hurry to get to the top and meet whatever awaited them there. Time seemed to stand still, as Ziba and Jonathan became surrounded by more and more Philistines. The red sunrise shone down on what looked like a nightmare of hell. In the middle of it stood two men, who looked like demons, faces blackened by blood, soot, and dust-swinging and stabbing.

A Philistine captain stood above the others, spear in hand. “Look at them! Look at them! There are only two of them! Take them!” he shouted. Ziba realized that the battle was about to turn against them.

To the Last Man brings the story of Jonathan, crown prince of Israel, to life. Not just David’s best friend, Jonathan is a biblical hero in his own right. Groomed to be the next king of Israel, Jonathan struggles with maintaining a faith in God as he watches his father the king drift away from the God who gave them victory. Samuel anoints David as successor, and Jonathan has to balance God’s plans for Israel with his responsibility to his father.

salome-thumb-250Salome’s Charger (Foundation Series #1)

There was something special about the Charger even before King Herod gave it to Salome, his stepdaughter, to carry the bloody, disembodied head of John the Baptist. Rumor held that Babylonian seer Nabonidus had imbued it with the ability to predict the future. Recently unearthed in an Egyptian tomb, Salome’s Charger is seen by many as the greatest archaeological discovery of the 21st Century. That is, until a student is murdered and the charger and its top researching scientist disappear. Now treasure hunters, thieves, archaeologists, scientists, reporters, and cultists are all looking for the same golden charger, and the rewards go beyond money.

Some are looking for a quick payday. Some are looking for answers from God. And some are looking forward to ending the world. Will Salome’s Charger provide answers or simply mark the end of it all?

The Key of Solomon (Foundation Series #2)

Some say the book was written by the wisest man who ever lived. Some say it is a collection of all the mystical knowledge of the ancient world, including the power to summon and control demons. And some say that it’s a myth. Linguist Dr. Madelyn Simms is asked by the Smithie & Sloane Archeological Foundation to find out if the mythical Key of Solomon actually exists when she travels to Egypt to translate a manuscript recovered from the original Library of Alexandria. Those who believe want the Key badly, enough to put her life in danger. At the same time, investigative reporter Ezra Huddleston, the special man in her life, is going places and doing things he shouldn’t. Such as investigating why college girls are disappearing in Austin and snooping around a mansion that has a lot to do with witchcraft. Could there be a tie between Egypt and Texas? And why do the hunting trophies on the wall keep looking at him? Did one of them just move? The Key of Solomon is more than a book about translating 2,000-year-old manuscripts in the middle of a religious war. It’s more than a book about witchcraft. It’s about the power of God and how we underestimate God’s power and His willingness to work miracles in our lives.

 Infinity’s Reach

Life was pretty simple for Infinity Richards as a teenager in a private school in Baltimore. Then she woke up to discover that she’d spent the past two years in a prison camp. Now she and her friends are faced with a trek across a forbidding landscape scarred by a surprise nuclear attack on the United States. Their journey will lead them past hot zones, warlords, “crazies,” occupying Coalition forces and an assortment of allies and foes.

It may take her years to get to Camp Zion in the West where her father is reorganizing American forces to take back their country. But in the meantime, her journey across apocalyptic America will turn her into someone stronger, smarter and more courageous than she ever imagined she would be.

More than three centuries ago, John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress, second only to the Bible in readership. Now Infinity’s Reach revisits the challenges and lessons of the original Pilgrim’s Progress in a totally new and exciting setting.

ITC small file If Tomorrow Comes 2012 Edition

What will life be like when “normal” is just a word?*When the once-protected Constitution of the United States is trashed with the Bill of Rights, the first casualty?*When an unprecedented barrage of natural disasters force world governments to unite and seek a religious solution that disregards the law of God?*When once-loving husbands and wives, sons and daughters, split over issues of faith and follow different masters?*When the denomination you grew up in is declared a “dead religion” by the government and forced to shut down its operations?*What will life be like when the world goes insane? When the world ends?If Tomorrow Comes is the story of five people–a family–who find out. What they discover and experience may be what many who read this book experience in just a little while. Certain events described in these pages are as real as this morning’s newspaper–events described with deadly accuracy in ancient Bible prophecies that predict tomorrow’s headlines.

Will tomorrow come? How many tomorrows does humanity have left? Only God knows. But those who know and love Him don’t have to worry. Their tomorrows and forever are in His hands.

Champion4 ebookThe Champion (Champion Trilogy, Book 1)

There’s a war going on around us, a war that most of us are totally unaware of. And sometimes a simple request to God can turn your world upside down, confronting you with powers that you never imagine existed.

Pastor Harris Borden asked God to be used in a bigger way, and God listened to him. Now Borden’s running for his life, accused of being a terrorist by the U.S. government, thrown off buildings, stabbed, imprisoned and left for dead more times than he can count. They blew up the plane his wife was on, evil powers surround his church and community, and through it all, Pastor Borden continues to ask himself, Am I truly willing to surrender everything to God?

In the spirit of Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, The Champion reminds us that we are not alone in this world, and that God never promises that following will be easy, or safe.

the heretic_front onlyThe Heretic (Champion Trilogy, Book 2)

It’s been ten years since Harris Borden went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. And journalist Michelle Kinkaid considers him dead, just as the FBI does. That is, until Special Agent In Charge Roy Bassett enlists her help in finding the still-alive Borden, at the same time that Borden’s wife Katya, now hiding in Europe and sought by the FBI and the evil Universal Corporation, seeks her help in finding him as well.

Meanwhile, college student D.J. Washington gets caught up in the music industry, only to find that the girl of his dreams and a chance at fame and fortune don’t add up to doing God’s will. Is the mysterious, incredibly frightening pop star Tori Ash just a spoiled superstar, or someone, or something, more?

Will Harris and Katya find each other before Bassett finds them both? Which side will Kinkaid choose to help? And who is this mysterious group of street champions called The Heretics?

In this second installment of The Champion Trilogy, readers will once again be challenged to consider what surrendering to God’s will can truly mean.

elijah front only

Elijah (The Champion Trilogy, Book 3)

It’s been 22 years since Harris Borden was called to challenge the demonic forces behind the Universal Corporation. Michelle Kinkaid is a best-selling author, capitalizing on her knowledge of the battle against Universal. Douglas Washington is a freshman U.S. congressman, struggling to maintain his convictions amid powerful temptations. His former flame Lila is living her dream as a rich and famous pop diva. And Harris Borden has languished in isolation for 12 years, secretly held captive by Universal.

Not everything is as it seems.

Powerful people are on the move, with the goal being total control of the United States of America. While The Heretics, devastated by a mission gone wrong, seek to regroup, find Borden and rescue him, a few faithful souls continue to stand against the overwhelming onslaught of demonic forces that is about to be unleashed.

This is the exciting climax of The Champion Trilogy.

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