Passion, Vision and Faith: What Makes It All Work

One of my students sent me a link yesterday that I have to share with you. I have already posted it on my Facebook page. The link is an 18-minute presentation by a fellow named Simon Sinek about what it takes for companies to succeed, specifically in the area of innovation. Of course, while I … More Passion, Vision and Faith: What Makes It All Work

Compelling Evidence

I am teaching a class called Drama Writing this fall, and once again it will be a first for me. I will be teaching both stage writing and screenwriting in that class. Today I had the opportunity to read through the introduction of my textbook for stage writing. The author tells of a rejection slip … More Compelling Evidence

Bad Medicine

Maybe the title is a little bit misleading. Maybe not. I am one of those people who love–absolutely love–the creative process of writing. I enjoy the ability to create characters and even worlds that did not exist before I created them. I love spending time with these characters during the writing process. And I am … More Bad Medicine

What Remains

(This is a free-verse poem I discovered today, written by me not long after my mother died.)   WHAT REMAINS A wooden nailbox, obviously handmade stands ready to work On the floor of my garage beside the workbench.   It still displays black electrician’s tape To reinforce cracked wood and shelter hands From slivers of … More What Remains

Five of Seventy-two

Almost 30 years ago, I had the idea for my first book. It was a how-to book for Seventh-day Adventists entitled “Fifty-two Things to Do on Sabbath.” I was just short of 30 years old, and very unsure of myself as a writer. I sent out a letter to three publishing houses outlining my idea, … More Five of Seventy-two