Bad Medicine

Maybe the title is a little bit misleading. Maybe not.

I am one of those people who love–absolutely love–the creative process of writing. I enjoy the ability to create characters and even worlds that did not exist before I created them. I love spending time with these characters during the writing process. And I am sad when the manuscript comes to a close, because I will miss my time with them.

But then comes the rewriting process. I have been an editor multiple times; I still am for the magazine Southwestern Spirit. And so I know the value of editing and rewriting. It’s not only important; it’s necessary. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Understand me; I have no problem editing someone else’s work. It’s the unceasing labor involved in editing my own stuff that I dislike. It’s like taking a medicine that you really hate but you know will make you better in the end. Gaak!

I have a few friends who disagree with me; who say, that they truly enjoy the rewriting process. All I can say is that they are weird. I do what I have to do for the betterment of the manuscript. It’s like doing the dishes for the one you love. You do it because you want to help your loved one. You don’t do it simply because it’s fun. Because it’s not.

But I sigh and commit myself to doing what needs to be done. I love my characters and want them to have the best chance possible to share their lives with other readers. If I don’t do the housekeeping of rewriting, I may be the only person they will ever meet.

I can’t let my laziness make them into hermits.