Sneak Peek 3: The Key of Solomon

Hey gang: I’m finishing chapter 15 of The Key of Solomon today. Here’s another sneak peek at this sequel to Salome’s Charger:


The music blasted from the Porsche Boxster as they headed north up I-35 in the late afternoon. It was accompanied by an occasional laugh by Connie, or a guffaw by Ezra.

“You can’t tell me you’ve never heard of DC Talk?” Ezra said.

“Nope,” Connie said.

“I mean, they’re not together anymore, but what about TobyMac?”

Connie shook her head. “What’s a TobyMac? Sounds like a hamburger.”

“What about The Newsboys? Steven Curtis Chapman? Chris Tomlin?”

She continued shaking her head, and Ezra chuckled to himself. “Well, do you like this music?”

She listened for a minute as “Jesus Is Still All Right” played on the stereo. Then she nodded. “Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Nice?” Ezra said. “Nice? Boy, do I need to educate you. Tell you what. Next time any of these artists come to town, I’m taking you to one of their concerts.”

“How will they feel about having a witch coming to one of their Christian concerts?” Connie asked, a sad smile on her lips.

Ezra grew serious. “Connie, I get the feeling you think you’ve crossed some magical boundary and you are somehow lost for all eternity now.”

“Haven’t I?” Connie said. “I mean, look at what the Bible says. I should be stoned.”

“The only unforgiveable act is when you turn away from God forever,” he said. “And I don’t think you have.”

She paused. “Like I said, I still believe in God.”

“Yes, but do you love God? I believed in God, but we had a very angry relationship for several years after my wife died. It took a lot of talking and a lot of patience on God’s part before I realized what I was missing.” He watched the traffic ahead, which was getting heavier. “And I was missing a lot.”

“You know, you talk about needing mystery. If you don’t see the mystery in God, then you don’t really know God. And that’s the thing. We will never understand God completely. I love your sister very much, but she can’t put God in a box.” He paused to downshift as red brake lights came on in front of him. The traffic ground to a halt. He turned and looked at Connie, turning the music down.

“Those miracles in the Bible were real. God is very real. I’ve seen miracles with my own eyes. As impressive as the magic you have seen might be, it is like cheap costume jewelry next to what God can do. Trust me.”

Connie’s eyes began to shimmer, and tears began to form. Ezra began to realize he was starting to cry at the same time.

“You’d better not cry, because I can’t cry and drive,” he said.

Connie reached across and hugged his neck.

“If you don’t marry my sister and join our family, I’m going to kill you,” she said.