Meeting In the Middle: #6 in The Great Adventure Manifesto

The Great Adventure Belief #6: I will present the idea that science and faith need each other, and that each can provide Truth in its own way. I also believe, and will communicate, that in the end we will discover that there was no disagreement between science and faith, that all that needed correcting was … More Meeting In the Middle: #6 in The Great Adventure Manifesto

Why Not Christian Science Fiction?

About a dozen years ago, I was invited to team-teach an Honors class at our University entitled “Christianity and Science Fiction.” Some of my colleagues suggested that it should be called “Christianity vs. Science Fiction,” but that was not the point. From my perspective, both inspirational fiction and science fiction deal with the same challenge: … More Why Not Christian Science Fiction?

Truth and Fiction

“Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” –-J. Frank Dobie, American folklorist I deal with students and student writers everyday. Most of them are interested in writing fiction; many of them want and do write fantasy. In the mind of the common reader, fantasy is one of those genres that … More Truth and Fiction

Does God Do Magic?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” –Arthur C. Clarke   With input from my fellow writers in the Rough Writers, our campus creative writing club, I have been talking about magic and science, fantasy and science fiction, and how one can and should relate to it. I have already expressed my bias against … More Does God Do Magic?