Larger Than Life

I admire artists whose work is larger than they are. What made me start thinking along these lines was thinking about Mount Rushmore. Shelly and I have been talking about doing another road trip sometime in the next few months, and we have never been to Mount Rushmore or to the Black Hills of South … More Larger Than Life

Master of the Word

I will have to admit, there have been many times when I have cut corners with my own writing. I would have a flow of consciousness that I was following in my story, only to hit a speed bump when I got to a certain word that I wanted–but couldn’t think of. And that is … More Master of the Word

The Ugly Stepchild

I haven’t been able to do any work on my book projects lately because of my other duties. I am frantically trying to complete the last few articles for my university’s alumni magazine. The articles are due Friday, and from the beginning, when I went into the Planning Committee meeting with one idea and came … More The Ugly Stepchild

Ten Thousand Reasons

I am excited to announce that I finally passed 10,000 followers on Twitter. Now, I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you, and actually all it is is just a number. But it is a landmark of sorts, nevertheless. I have been involved with Twitter for about three years now, but it’s only been … More Ten Thousand Reasons

Where I Write

I’d like to start off today’s blog by recommending another website: I urge you to visit this website for your own curiosity’s sake and see Kyle Cassidy’s project to report and share the places where several well-known fantasy and science fiction writers crank out their masterpieces. What you will find is that is varies … More Where I Write