A Spoonful of Sugar

I started trying to get published as a writer in the 70s while I was in college. I was enamored by a new Christian youth magazine called “Insight,” and I tried and tried to get published in their magazine, to no avail. Finally, after receiving half a dozen blank rejection slips in a row, I … More A Spoonful of Sugar

Eye of the Storm

I am sitting in my living room in sweats. I haven’t shaven yet this morning, and I might not today. Beside my easy chair are textbooks for classes for the new semester, which starts in about 10 days. On top of that is the paperback I am trying to read as well. It’s quiet: my … More Eye of the Storm

Last Week of Classes

We’re in our last week of classes in what has been a tough semester. I have accomplished a great deal, but not as much I wanted to, and not at the level of quality I would have liked. I taught Drama Writing for the first time, which as usual taught me as much as it … More Last Week of Classes

No Excuses

My good friend and fellow editor Randy Maxwell used to say, “Writers who are going to write will find a way, regardless of their circumstances.” That may be true, but there have been a lot better circumstances that what I have been through the past month. Last night ended my 30 days of madness entitled … More No Excuses

Five Days and 8,200 Words

First, the good news. I am about 8,200 words from completing my National Novel Writing Month challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days. Actually I am at approximately 41,800 words. I say approximately, because every time I have done this, the official counter at NaNoWriMo Central has short changed me by several hundred words. November … More Five Days and 8,200 Words