Commencement…and commitment

Just a few words today because between Mother’s Day and Graduation I am spread pretty thin,

Congratulations to Edward, Jessica, Karen, Aldrin and Rolando for surviving my class and those of other professors and moving on to the ranks of the unemployed. Hope the transition to being viably employed is swift and smooth.

Since I try to reserve this particular blog for matters of writing, here’s a writing thought for today. It comes from Pastor Randy Roberts, who was responsible for our commencement address this morning. He talked about graduates learning to “swear, cheat,  and steal” with stealing actually making reference to stealing time away from life’s obligations to do what’s important.

I’ve said it before, but it never hurts to remind myself and others: the only way you find time to write is by doing it. As Yoda says: “Do or do not; there is no try.” There are tons of better ways to make money. Only write if you must.

Enough preaching for today. Gotta make mamma happy. Happy mother’s day.

One thought on “Commencement…and commitment

  1. I was thinking about writing the entire time he was saying that. It’s definately a message that speaks to me.

    Huzzah! I’ve graduated again! 😛

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