Last day

Tomorrow is the last day for the 30 day challenge that Edward Cheever and I are on. Out goal is 45,000 words in 30 days. Then we will take a break until July 1. At that time we will hit it again–45,000 words by July 31.

Any brave souls who are interested in writing and are looking for a good motivation to put words on paper are invited to join us. We mostly keep in touch with how we are doing through the website for Rough Writers, the creative writing group on the SWAU campus at And that group is another blog in itself–for another time.

Edward has been writing on a novel entitled “Jaine” for quite a while, and I am working on my book “Elijah.” I am nowhere near to finishing it. I suspect that I will be done with chapter 8 out of maybe 24 chapters. I also started a young adult book entitled “Crash Corrigan” that I suspect I will try to either finish or get together in proposal form. In any case, the two weeks between the two 30-day blitzes will be used to do some rewriting as well as get some school-related stuff done.

I didn’t continue posting my chapters of “Elijah” here, because I got  a sense that noone was reading them. If you are interested in reading them, you can find them at the Rough Writers website.