I got a gimmee!

Hello friends…..been a month of Sundays since I frequented my writing blog. But I guess that says something about how my life is going these days.

I am, as you know, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…Hyde of course being my writing self.

But I found an excuse to drop a quick line. I got a gimmee!

I am a firm believer in karma. What goes around comes around. And when things are bad, they will eventually be good, and vice versa.

So things haven’t been that great around for me lately. But in steps karma. But let me back up.

Before school started I got one of the cryptic e mails along the line of “I have this bank account in Nigeria I need your help with….” I almost threw it out, but then decided to pursue it.

It was from someone with a Indian sounding name in the country of Maritius. I’m not really sure where that is, although I know it’s some islands off the coast of Africa somewhere.

This fellow said he was an acquisitions editor for a German publishing firm located in those islands. They specialized in academic theses and dissertations that they packaged into book form and sold to other publishers. They were interested in my doctoral dissertation.

A word about dissertations. There is no better way to put someone to sleep than talking about your dissertation. People used to ask me, “What’s your dissertation about?” I chuckled to myself and watched their eyes roll back in their heads as I used words like “commodification” and “mythic.” Even the academic dean at the time I got my proposal published told me, “I’ve read the title and I still don’t know what it’s about.”

But the dissertation was a means to an end. My committee bubbled over with praise when I presented it, and one said it marked a new line of thinking in communication. I saw it as a necessary hurdle to get my PhD. So I had no delusions that anyone would read it once I got my bound copy and put it on my shelf.

But here was some German publisher saying they were interested in publishing it. I thought about it. I considered if it was some sort of scam. But I continued to talk to them. And after working with them for a couple of months, I received a copy of my new book in the mail. Who-hoo! Another book published.

Although I doubt many will read it. Title?

“A Mythic Perspective of Commodification on the World Wide Web.”

I can hear the snores from here.