Three days…and I haven’t a clue

This is my third NaNoWriMo…or at least it’s supposed to be. I’m having second thoughts.

I really want to do it; I really need to do it. I have encouraged others to do it.

But I don’t know what I would write. And there’s the other small problem of being overwhelmed at work.

Oh, sure, I have toyed with several storylines. But nothing has jumped out and bit me yet. Last year’s experiment in Steampunk was a joy for two reasons. First, I got inspired. Second, I was doing something fresh and exciting.

I am missing on both counts so far.

My friend, Renard Doneskey, the English professor and mystery writer, says that I am burned out from writing for the University alumni magazine, countless press releases for the school, and three or four news stories a day for my own Southwestern Spirit. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I am burned out. If that’s the case, the only way I know how to fix it is read, read, read…fun stuff, mind you…and write something totally off the wall so that it is a joy to come to the keyboard.

And that’s what I am looking for. An idea that is exciting and just plain fun. After all, if I have to write 50,000 words, I may as well enjoy myself, neh?

The first year I started on November 3 and still finished by November 18. Last year I was a bit more leisurely in my approach but still crossed the finish line by November 30. I can do this. I know I can.

All I need to know is what to write.