So much for New Year’s Resolutions….

Before the new year was born, I was inspired to turn over a new leaf and get serious about my writing. I was going to have a meaningful presence on Facebook and Twitter. I was going to write a daily (daily!) blog. I was going to finish up my projects that lie waiting my resolution. And other things that I can’t even remember. Oh, I was going to market my stuff.

And Christmas break happened. The only thing I was able to accomplish was to send off two of my short stories, one of them to a contest and the other to a magazine. And I just remember: I posted a question on a possible publisher’s blog regarding two of my books.

But no writing. I have excuses; legitimate ones. Of course, there are always excuses. It goes back to my statement about writing being a mind game. Right now, my day job has got my brain wrapped up like a pretzel, and I find my creativity level at about -3 on a 1 to 10 scale. Not sure what the answer is, even.

Maybe I should wait for inspiration to strike. Maybe I should just put away my writing hat until summer. (Not sure things will be better by then, though.) Maybe I should quit my day job and write what I love while the creditors come and my family starves.

All I know is that without writing–creative writing–I am a miserable soul.

One thought on “So much for New Year’s Resolutions….

  1. Sorry to here about the challenges you’ve been facing with finding creative space. I like the new look of your website though. I hope more writing has been taking place lately.

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