The Day After

The book–excuse me, books–is/are finished.

Of course, I’m only talking rough drafts. I still have a mountain of work ahead of me that I can’t even conceive of at this point, nor do I want to.

But the framework for the three-part books Champion series–The Champion, The Heretic, and Elijah–is complete.

Am I satisfied with the final product? No. I had to fight frustration with my own writing over the past few weeks as I finished the final five chapters of Elijah. Every time I would write a chapter, I would almost erase it and tell myself to start again. But instead, I am leaving that for the rewrite phase. When will that come? Probably in a few weeks. Right now, I need to take care of the myriad things that are begging for my attention. This morning, instead of working out and then diving into another chapter of my book, I slept an extra hour, then got working on sanding my back deck–a project that I have put off since last summer.

I have a lot of projects like that. But a friend of mine–Arthur Milward (and a terrific writer, rest in peace)–told me that a real writer’s lawn is always unmowed. I had a hard time accepting the lifestyle part of being a writer–a total commitment–but then I had a had time accepting it when they told me that a doctoral student puts ALL of the rest of his life on hold. Turns out, they were right.

I know I will be writing more soon. You can’t avoid the itch for too long, if you consider yourself a writer, But for now, I am reading the stuff fellow writers are writing, working on the school’s webpage, working on my deck, and enjoying the pool that we finally got up in our back yard.



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  1. Hahaha! I love the “Aloha” ending, seeing that I am from Hawaii. I’m glad that you got all that writing done for your books! I really need to catch up on my writing. >.<

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