Grunt Work

Writing students often fantasize about the life of a writer. I know I did. You see yourself starving to death, living in a small studio apartment somewhere, maybe even writing with a quill pen or an old beat-up Smith-Corona…well that dates me a bit. But you get the idea. Writers don’t often fantasize about the business of writing.

And the reality is, these days, that the business of writing takes up most of a writer’s time. Most of that is just plain marketing. And for those who in the least introverted, putting your name out there more times than you care to remember can get old really fast.

But I know the ropes. And so that’s really what I have been concentrating on. Since January 1, I have probably written a dozen blog entries and one short story. In that same time, when I wasn’t working at my day job, I have focused on prepping three books for either ebook or Print on Demand format. I didn’t have to do much for covers other than tell my son what I liked or didn’t like. And with the exception of one voice session, he did all the work for the two book trailers we have going. But the editing and interior formatting for those three books is what has taken my time.

But now, after spending a lot of my Spring Break time at it, If Tomorrow Comes is not only available as an ebook, but also as a print on demand book. It’s come out a little longer page wise than the first version, but I think people will like the update.

I’d love to just move on to The Champion Trilogy. I need to do the last revision before it goes to Edward Cheever for the final edit. But I have a lot of marketing still to do on the first three books. We’ve developed a relationship with a fantastic artist in Poland who is going to paint a cover for us for Tom Horn. And if it anything like his samples on Deviant Art, it will knock your socks off. We are talking about having a book trailer competition this summer, which will be a lot of fun. And I need to start soliciting reviews and testimonials for my books.

Things started slow, but I am encouraged as I see people begin to respond. Lots of work done; lots of work to do.

But that’s the nature of the business these days.


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  1. I’m so glad that things seem to be coming along for you! It’s so exciting to watch. I also am learning much from your blogs on this subject. Thanks! Good luck to you!

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