Rolling Toward the Finish Line

Just a quick blog today.

I just completed writing my last final exam for this school year. That doesn’t mean all of my work for the semester is over with. I still have lectures to give, presentations to evaluate, lots of grading to do. What it does signify is another step toward freeing up my mind and my time for my writing projects I want to do this summer.

In no particular order, they are:

1. Complete the final draft the three-book series for The Champion. Work with Edward Cheever, my editor for this project and get it complete. When that’s over with, contact one of three potential publishers to see if they are interested. Plan B is to publish it ourselves.

2. Work with the Rough Writers in publishing a fantasy novel by Tiffany Collier, a 12-short story anthology by Edward Cheever and a collection of short stories and poetry by the Rough Writers.

3. Write a screenplay based on my short story, “Never Say Die.” This is in anticipation of my Drama Writing class this fall. Also read the textbooks for this class.

4. Draft a script for an audio book version of If Tomorrow Comes. And if we have time, select actors and begin recording.

5. Begin work on next novel, which is probably “Infinity’s Reach,” my apocalyptic version of Pilgrim’s Progress.

So you see, my summer will be busy, and I am sure will disappear before I know it. But I will be happy if I can accomplish several of these goals before school starts again.

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