Loose ends

I spent the morning working on school stuff. Yes, school is over, but I am also responsible for the school’s website and the alumni magazine (what can I say? It’s a small school.). So I am trying to get at least the magazine “put to bed” this week so that my energies can be directed at my writing stuff.

I finished editing The Champion book 1 yesterday, and promptly started thinking about a couple of other things that need to be fixed in it. My friend and former student Edward Cheever will be doing the official editing as of next Wednesday. What I worked on was making sure that the Russian vocabulary I use in the story is accurate. Interesting thing about Russian is the Cyrillic alphabet. When you go online and ask for a translation of a word like “great” from English to Russian, you get it printed back in Cyrillic. Which doesn’t help me at all when one of my characters is supposed to be speaking Russian. But I worked at it last night and I think I have it resolved.

Edward has asked for a paper version of the manuscript. My printer is on the fritz (something about needing a new cartridge? Imagine that.), so I need to get that fixed in the next day or so.

In anticipation of the new Tom Horn cover, I am reformatting the ebook and editing it again in the process. That should appear sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Summer vacation is a lazy time in some people’s minds. Not for me. Lots to do, and I know the months will fly by.