Junk in the Attic

Well, May is gone, and June is proceeding along faster than I would like. What that does is prompt me to get done the things that I have planned, yet haven’t so far.

I have learned that I can’t get writing work done at home, at least these days. Too many distractions, I guess. Even though I dread the idea of going to the office when I don’t have to, I do get more done there. Gone are the days when I could think about sleeping in and spending a leisurely day at home. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, as the old saying goes.

In addition to the physical distractions at home, as usual I have a lot of mental distractions. Junk in the attic. I probably have too many things on my to-do list. My usual approach is to clear the decks. Get the small, quick jobs done first, and get them off my desk. Problem is that they seem to be lingering on and on.

I have a magazine to complete–which I hope to do today–a website to spend some quality time with, blogs to write, Twitters to tweet, books to read (for critique, not for pleasure), my own manuscripts to edit, and of course, my own books to write. The latter is the dessert. I love reading, but reading for critique is too much like the old days of being a book editor.

But there are some things I can do to prep for writing that really aren’t that creative. Today I have outlining and research on my to-do list for today. My next writing endeavor is the remake of Pilgrim’s Progress set in post-apocalyptic America that I have talked about elsewhere, tentatively labeled Infinity’s Reach.

But before I get to the yummy stuff, I have to do grunt work.

Time to clean out the junk in the attic.