Left brain/right brain

Yesterday I spoke of versatility and how it can make or break your writing career. What I didn’t talk about was the fact that doing other stuff can actually help your writing as well.

Today and probably tomorrow my son and I are spending quality time together replacing the clutch in his Mazda Miata. We’ve done clutch work years ago, replacing another Miata clutch and one on his International Scout. But as I say, it’s been years, so I hope that I will remember how it all goes. Like riding a bicycle, as they say, but this one is lying on the floor beneath a car.

But even though this project takes me away from writing, I know that this kind of work is actually good for my writing. Mundane, physical work can help free up your creative mind. As I understand it, when you occupy your logical side of your mind, the creative side has free reign. I have seen this happen time and time again while I was mowing the lawn, washing dishes, or raking leaves. I’ve written music while I was backpacking. In fact, most of my ideas come during these moments.

So who knows what ideas I will come up with in the next two days. Be assured, I will share them with you here. I’ll let you know.