Brochure, Bro, Brochure

Today is brochure day. I guess I am just easy.

I was asked at the end of last week to write a series of brochures for the enrollment department of my university. When I got down to listing them, I found there were a total of 20. You heard me. The big two-oh.

So I inhaled slowly and came into the office today to get started. Once again, my fast writing skill would come in handy for me. I started by finding out from the powers that be what information should be included in said brochures. Then I sat down and roughed out a brochure for my own department.

I showed it to my department chair. He was surprisingly upbeat about it. Then I showed it to the VP for enrollment. She liked it too. Amazed, I sat down with the student who will be doing my research for me and told her that I would be forwarding to her a list of stuff she would be gathering for me. I came back to my office and sent said list.

I am at the end of the day, feeling good that I did get some stuff done today. I also now know that I will be back under my son’s car tomorrow–in 107 degree heat–completing our work on his clutch. So it’s a reprieve, even if it’s a brief one.

Glad I am a writer, but sometimes it keeps me awfully busy.