Moving Right Along…

I’m hobbling along today. We spent the weekend helping my son and his family move from a very small apartment to a not-so-small in Austin. I spent the entire weekend going up and down stairs, carrying heavy things. Yesterday my feet were hurting very badly. When I took my shoes and socks off, I found that both of my big toes were black and blue, as well as another toe. In addition, the travel up and down stairs made the muscles in my calves hurt. So I am moving like an old man.

Which I am one year closer to being. Yesterday I turned 59 (Yeah, I can hear you: “Wow! What an old codger!”). It’s just a number, but it is still a symbol for something. (Something..I forget.)

And yet, you’re only as old as you feel…Let me rephrase that. You’re only as old as you allow yourself to be. And that sure beats the alternative.

But in any case, we survived Austin, and it’s time to get the old NaNoWriMo engines rolling again. Tomorrow….