Hurry Up and Do Nothing

I’m bored. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

Last week was a circus. I had finals, grading, three major projects to complete. And I was coughing the whole time. At first it was just a cold and that I could push my way through it. But by Friday, it had lasted a week and was getting worse. In fact it was so worse that I couldn’t sleep at night.

I went to my doctor, who thought it might be pneumonia. She prescribed antibiotics, a chest xray and cough medicine with codeine. And I got somewhat better. At least now I can sleep at night. But I am still coughing. Today I went back to the doc, and she said total rest–that was because now my heart is racing.

And so here I am at home, watching Glee reruns and catching up on email. I have work I need to do in my office. Now that Christmas break is here, I have projects I want to do around here. And I can’t.

The one consolation is that I am also exempt from Christmas shopping, which I hate. Amazon shopping or gift certificates for everyone!

It could be worse. I could be in the hospital, which I hate worse.

But not much.