Prevail Publications: Five New Books for 2013

OK, first I just want to make it clear. Prevail Publications is me, and I am it. It’s the watermark I use for my indie publishing. Here are five books I plan on releasing this year:

The Secret of Promise Island. An orphan brother and a sister are sent to live with their mysterious, strange uncle who lives on an island off the Texas coast. He’d rather be studying whooping cranes than taking care of two young kids. Will they learn to get along? And where does he disappear to at night? And what about that mysterious shipwreck down the beach? This book is intended for junior-age readers.

Infinity’s Reach. Infinity Richards is just a typical 15 year old at a private girl’s school when the bombs fell and the world ended. Now, years later, she finds herself on a journey across the broken landscape of what used to be called the United States of America. Will she ever make it to Camp Zion, the haven where her father is heading up reorganization efforts? Or will the Coalition forces that had held her captive for so long succeed in recapturing her? This is a retelling of the traditional Pilgrim’s Progress told in a non-traditional way.


The Champion (Book 1). Harris Borden is a young pastor in Nevada who feels like he is being underutilized by God. When he asks God for a bigger challenge, God accepts. Before long, Borden finds himself confronting the evil Universal Corporation, a front for demonic activity. He is arrested, thrown from a rooftop, imprisoned and brutalized, and has many attempts on his life and that of his wife, Katya. As his world is turned upside down, Borden learns that all are called by God and faithfulness comes in all sizes, large and small.

The Heretic (Book 2). Escaped from prison, Harris Borden launches an underground network of Christians called The Heretics, who are committed to fighting the forces of evil, while the FBI launches a nationwide manhunt to find and capture him. In the meantime, a new young man, D.J. Washington, is confronted by a choice between fame and fortune in music with the woman he loves or following God’s call into a life of poverty and persecution with the wild new girl known only as Ruth.

Elijah (Book 3). Universal has finally captured Borden, and while the world thinks he is dead, they keep him in a secret underground cell, away from all contact with the outside world. In the meantime, D.J. Washington, now U.S. Congressman Douglas Washington, once again confronts the forces of evil, this time in Washington D.C. Can the ragtag group of Christians known as The Heretics succeed in thwarting Universal’s plans and rescue Harris Borden?

Right now, I am finishing the last few chapters of Infinity’s Reach and editing the other books. I hope to unveil at least one of them in the next few months. Tomorrow I will talk about covers and my new strategy for getting a professional cover on a poor man’s budget.



2 thoughts on “Prevail Publications: Five New Books for 2013

  1. The book on the girl trying to escape the evil corporation…a little reminiscent of Hunger Games. Hope you veer away from that whole killing to survive thing that book had going on.

  2. Yeah, I think you got Infinity’s Reach confused with The Champion. And yes, I am staying away from the theme of killing to survive. Thanks, Gordon.

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