Cover Band

final4A few weeks ago you might remember me talking about doing a photo shoot for covers of books that I plan on releasing soon. Well, we are finally ready to show those covers to the world.

Infinity’s Reach. We are promoting this as Pilgrim’s Progress in Apocalyptic America, but it is a retelling rather than a literal carry over of the story into a different time. I plan on releasing this one first, possibly as soon as a month from now. Watch for it. My student and former worker Makala Coleman was gracious enough to pose for this cover, and I think she makes a good apocalypse survivor. Don’t you?

c final4The Champion. This will be the first book released in my new Christian suspense trilogy, probably in May. Again, I wrangled a student of mine to pose for this cover in front of a green screen. A little Photoshop made the rest possible.

the heretic_proof1The Heretic. Book 2 in The Champion Trilogy. We got the art for this one by browsing through the website Deviant Art. Our artist is David Alfaro of Barcelona, Spain.

Elijah. The climax of The Champion Trilogy. Art by Frosina Ilievska of Skopje, Macedonia.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the cover design was done by my son, Matthew Robinson, who also does book trailers for me. His wife, Mindy Robinson, helped out with photography during our shoot.

As you can see, doing book covers is a team effort. It’s an investment of time, money and sweat. And I thank everyone who made these covers possible.elijah_proof5