At Last…

The grades are handed in. The magazine articles are with the designer. I have locked my office door and told people that I am not available (actually, I lied and said I would be gone. But there’s “gone” and there’s GONE). And so I gratefully take off my professorial and editorial hat and don my indie author hat. Time to get intimate with my writing again.

Actually, yesterday afternoon I had to man the Writing Center for the University. As I expected, no student showed up, and so I spent the time writing a short story entitled “Eyes Wide Open.” I will probably write one or two more in the next week.

Last night, I sat down and ascertained what I still needed to do to complete Infinity’s Reach, and determined that, in addition to some tweaking throughout, I need three more chapters. That’s very doable, and I hope that as soon as sometime next week, I will have it completed. Good news, because I want to get it done, others want me to get it done, and I have other stuff that’s vying for my attention.

But I am optimistic. Infinity is the number one priority for me in the next week.

Cross your fingers.


P.S. And here’s my final photo for the week. Once again, contest rules are here. Be the first to win a paperback copy of Infinity’s Reach.

Believe it or not, there's a dog named "Woofles" buried under this 18th Century Japanese horse. Trust me.
Believe it or not, there’s a dog named “Woofles” buried under this 18th Century Japanese horse. Trust me.