Another winner. Another free book.

IMG_1806The days are winding down until the official launch of Infinity’s Reach on April 1, and our contest continues.

Today our winner of a free autographed paperback copy of Infinity’s Reach is Katie Gorbea Araguz. She got a little assistance from Aaron, her three year old, and in the process won a book.

Once again, here are the rules:

1. You have to make a sign. The sign should read: “I CAN HELP YOU ESCAPE.”

2. You have to take a photo or video of you holding up said sign in a public place.

3. Post the image of you holding the sign on your Facebook page. Send me a link to that page. If you can’t get that to work, then just send me the image in jpg form. In the case of a video, post it on YouTube or a comparable site and send me the link. Send it to this blog or to my direct email address:

4. I will be announcing it for the next two weeks, showing examples and will be accepting submissions, but the actual contest starts Monday, March 18. I will pick a winner each day thereafter (Monday through Friday) until April 1. Winners will need to provide mailing addresses where I can send the book. If you would rather receive an e-book version (Kindle or otherwise), I can do that too. But all prizes will be sent after April 1.

5. You can enter as many times as you want, but only one prize per person. Images with more than one person will still receive only one prize.

6. Winners will be announced here daily as well as on the Infinity's reach final ebookFacebook Infinity’s Reach fan page. I will also post the winning photos in both places.

To be totally honest, right now responses are slow, so if you send your entry in today, you have a pretty good chance of winning tomorrow. So get it sent in!