Using Different Muscles

I am a strong advocate for wholistic (not holistic) living. I believe that my  brain works better if I put the rest of it to work as well. Not only does it make me feel good, using my muscles circulates the blood and get more blood to my brain. In addition, I find myself being most creative when I am doing some otherwise mundane task.

And so I mowed the lawns, trimmed them, and started working on painting our deck. Today, since it is threatening to rain outside, I am doing two projects indoors: ripping up tile in our kitchen and prepping our dining room to paint. Yes, I would probably get each of these projects done quicker if I just focused on one. But I am in no hurry. It’s therapy, and I have a short attention span. In addition, my body gets tired of sitting on the floor chipping away at tile, and so I stand on a chair instead, scraping away the popcorn ceiling that my wife hates so much. It might sound like boring work, but if you are in a job–day and night–that calls for your brain and not much else, it’s what’s called a busman’s holiday.

And the other thing I have noticed is that my creative juices are flowing big time. I have a short story that is almost fully formed in my head, which is actually the opening chapter to a book I will write someday. And I will get this short story down on paper sometime in the next few days. But I am in no hurry, like I said.

It’s summer. And the other months of the year have enough hurry in them to make up for summer.

So chill. I know I will.